Contact us

You can contact us through our e-mail, Facebook page or customers service center, phone No. (065004400) or through the “contact us” link of our site. You will be informed about any service updates through our page on Facebook social media or the e-mail.

Please don’t send any sensitive data such as those related to your credit card through the e-mail because we don’t request such data at all through this method.

Subscription and registration

The customer is allowed to register only one account and “New vision for electronics and electrical appliances” shall have the right to suspend any multiple accounts for the single customer.

The company shall also have the right to check the customer’s identity card through any contact channel.

Product order

The customer is wholly liable to check the product’s specifications on the product sale page to check that the order is compatible with the product.

 The company ensures product delivery in the same state as mentioned in the page.

The customer should specify all the product’s specifications in the order, as defined at the product sale page (such as the color, model) in order to avoid any delay during the revision process.
The company assures the products delivery as per the specification required in your order. Ten products (10) is the maximum limits which you can add at the shopping trolley per one order.

The customer can use only one offer/coupon per single order. No offer or coupon can be replaced by money and the coupons are valid for only a single use.

The shipping expenses and dates:-

From 1 working day to 3 working days

From 3 working day to 4 working days

From 7 working day to 10 working days

*Delivery schedules may vary depending on the seasonality and restrictions
Force majeure:

New vision for electronics and electrical appliances shall not be liable for purchase loss or damage due to force majeure, including the natural phenomena,
such as hurricanes, storms, floods, fog as well as fire, aircraft crash, energy and road cuts or any other force majeure out of our control.

The Cancelling Policy:

Twenty four hours (24) is the maximum period to notify us if you wish to cancel an order. This may be done by sending a WhatsApp message to (0797771901) such request is subject to our approval through a written confirmation by us.  We shall, however, have the right to impose fees amounted to “JD10” to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.

The exchange policy

How to exchange the product.

If new vision for electronics and electrical appliances agrees to exchange the part purchased by the customer during the period specified above, the customer must prove the purchase (order number, invoice, etc.) The reason for the exchange must be in accordance with the terms of return acceptance (explained in the frequently asked questions) Please contact the new vision for electronics and electrical appliances customer’s service center on 96265004400 or send an email to Within (24) hours if you receive a defected product or a product which does not function properly during the shipping process.
In such case, all products should be returned, in addition to the enclosed free of charge gifts. If not all products are returned, we will refuse receiving them. We will check the returned product, so if it was not used, its value will be returned to you appropriately and you will receive a response by us within a maximum period of (24) hours of the returned product receipt by the competent team.
If, during the checking process, it was found that the reason for return is not valid or you have used the product, no money will be reimbursed and the
product will be returned to you.

How to bring a product back?

New vision for electronics and electrical appliances may allow you to deliver the product, approved to be brought back, at the location as indicated by new
vision for electronics and electrical appliances. Such location is determined upon that of customer wishing to bring back such product, within (7) days if it
is defected or didn’t comply with the specifications shown on internet site.


Generally, the internal terms, conditions and policy used by new vision for electronics and electrical appliances in relation to the sale of individuals apply in accordance with its selling points.
The sale and / or delivery of the product to the customer is only completed with the actual prior receipt of the value of the product and according to the approved online payment methods.
The provisions of Jordanian law apply to purchases, and in the event of any disputes or disputes, the Amman Court of First Instance "Palace of Justice" will be the spatial jurisdiction to resolve this dispute.