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New Vision Company was established in Jordan in 2010, and it is the official agent of LG Electronics in the Kingdom for household, entertainment and air-conditioners, as it is a subsidiary of the Hasan Shaker Group of Saudi Arabia. New Vision, is firmly committed to providing innovative, high-quality products, as well as providing a distinguished range of after sales services.


The mission of New Vision is centered on achieving the satisfaction of its customers by providing the best products and providing a distinguished package of pre-sales and after-sales services to exceed customer expectations and meet all their needs of electronic and electrical appliances. Hence, the company seeks to expand and grow with the aim of improving its competitive position in the market and achieving added value for both customers and stakeholders alike. In addition to the above, creating an attractive, highly productive work environment is an integral part of the company's mission and strategic goals.


To be the customer's first and best choice in meeting his needs in terms of electronic and electrical devices. In order to achieve its vision and strategic goals, New Vision adopts a set of corporate values that are represented in the application of institutional governance and best practices in all executed work, belief in positive change, development and continuous improvement, encouraging innovation and creativity among employees and commitment to transparency and credibility with all parties that deal with it. Moreover, the employees of the company support the previous values as a fundamental pillar in translating them on the ground, and this is evident in their values of integrity, fairness, professionalism, initiative and positive work, commitment to quality and excellence standards, the desire for development, continuous learning and mutual respect among them, in addition to Team spirit embodied in sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge among them.

Our goals: to create an attractive and productive work environment, implement corporate governance and maintain credibility with all stakeholders; We are committed to our values and our responsibility towards the local community and the environment