LG Microwave

Experience convenience and speed in the kitchen with LG microwaves. Our range of LG microwaves offers quick and efficient cooking and reheating solutions. LG microwaves cater to a variety of cooking needs. Our LG microwaves are designed to make meal preparation easier and faster, with precision cooking options and thoughtful features that cater to your culinary needs.

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LG Microwave Oven 20L , With Easy Clean Coating, Rounded Corners Cavity, Black Color

99 JOD
  • 20L
  • I-Wave
  • Easy Clean™ Coating
  • Rounded Corner Cavity
  • Echo Reflection Design

LG Microwave Oven 25L , Smart Inverter, Even Heating and Easy Clean, Stainless Color

149 JOD
  • 25L
  • Smart Inverter
  • Even Heating
  • Even Defrosting
  • Fast Cooking
  • Various Cooking
  • Stable Working