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Smart Ways to Dry Laundry Faster in The Cold

Dry laundry faster

Drying laundry is an essential part of the clothing care routine, and as winter comes, the drying time for clothes increases due to cold weather conditions and high humidity. However, did you know that there are innovative methods you may use for speeding up the drying of your clothes? Let’s look at some smart tips that can help you speed up and improve the process of drying clothes efficiently and in a healthy way.

Smart ways to dry clothes and dry laundry faster:

  • Providing a good location for the dryer:
    The dryer must be placed in a conditioned place. Providing air helps speed up the drying process and enhances the overall quality of the results. Be sure to remove obstructions from around the air vents for the best performance.
  • Drying clothes of a similar type together:
    Dry similar clothes together for better results. For example, it is more beneficial to dry heavy clothes together and separate them from lighter clothing to avoid differences in drying time.
  • Clean the lint filter of LG dryers regularly:
    Before each use of the dryer, be sure to clean the lint filter. A dirty filter reduces cleaning quality and leads to greater energy use. So, make sure to check and clean the filter frequently.

In addition to drying clothes in clothes dryers, here are some ways to reduce drying time using washing machines:

  • Do not overfill the washing machine drum (LG washing machine tub):
    Placing a suitable quantity of clothes inside the drum (LG washing machine drum) is essential for drying the laundry. When using the washing machine drum effectively and not placing a large amount of clothes, this helps to improve the process of squeezing clothes out of water, and better drying results are achieved.
  • Use a fast spin cycle:
    When the washing machine cycle is done, it is most effective to use a quick spin cycle to remove the water left over from the clothes. When removing extra water, you will minimize the wetness of the clothes. Placing fewer wet clothes in the clothes dryer reduces drying time and improves the efficiency of the dryer.

As basic requirements in your clothing care routine, these smart points can be useful to enhance the drying process of your clothes and maintain their quality for a longer period of time. To learn more about LG washers and dryers, follow the guidance available on the LG website and get better results in your clothing care routine.

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